YouTube Try On Hauls: Everything You Need to Know and Discover Popular Models

YouTube Try On Hauls: Everything You Need to Know and Discover Popular Models

Have you ever watched a Try On Haul on YouTube? You’re probably already familiar with them if you’re here. This video content offers amazing benefits not only to small businesses but also to influencers.

However, if you want to be more familiar with YouTube Try On Hauls and discover the popular models today who create this type of video content, keep reading.

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YouTube Try On Hauls Overview

A video haul on YouTube is where the vlogger records clips of them trying on clothing and accessories to post to their audience. This is where they discuss particular items they’ve recently purchased. To make their audience get more engaged, they give the details about their experience during the purchase, the cost, as well as the first impression about the product.

YouTube Haul videos are typically just first initial impressions.

Store name or product types such as shoes, bags, cosmetics, accessories, clothing, and more often categorize this type of video content. If you create a haul video for makeup or clothing, you need to try those items so you can give your audience a full, honest impression. In fact, this content delivers more impact compared to unboxing videos.


Who Can Use YouTube Try On Hauls Videos

If you are an influencer, small business owner, or anyone interested in sharing useful content about products, you can utilize haul videos. All you need to do is to look for a shop or product category that is relevant to your target audience. After that, you can proceed to a shopping spree.

This video content rarely involves negative impressions about a product. As a result, many brand advertisers find haul video genre appealing for their marketing efforts. These advertisers may contact you to help them in the marketing campaigns.

Some people who do video hauls have received millions of views on YouTube channels. That is surprising since consumers today, especially young adults, are interested in watching product commentary before going on a purchase. This video content-led some people into a celebrity status.

Other than social media influencers and business owners, some models are also into creating video hauls on YouTube. These models share their experiences about makeup, accessories, clothing, and more, from their shopping experiences up to initial impressions after trying them.


Popular Models on YouTube Try on Hauls Videos

Whether if it is your first time to watch this type of video content or not, it is interesting to know who the famous models doing Try on Hauls are.


A 20-year old YouTuber, Instagram star, and model. Many agree that Daisy is a perfect epitome of what an angel will look like. Apart from being a gorgeous model, she is also doing fitness tutorials on her social media accounts. She earned fame on Instagram due to her posts on her sexy bikinis as well as modeling portraits.


A Peruvian-American Instagram star. At a young age, Fiorella Zelaya already showed passion for beauty, glamour, and fashion.  Her YouTube channel already earned 658k subscribers. She has earned her popularity on Instagram because of her modeling photos, especially when wearing hot dresses and sexy bikinis. Her extremely curvy body figure is one of the main reasons why she captures the attention of many.


A young Lebanese vlogging personality. Christina Khalil is known for her fitness tutorials, and lifestyle tips. Before her fame, she competes as a track and field athlete, and in October 2011, she began making her own YouTube videos. With her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes, many find her attractive.


Kat Wonders has a head turning blonder, and her aura screams sophistication. It’s not surprising why most of her modeling, especially on her sexy and hot dresses, can capture the attention of many videos hauls fans.


When wearing glamorous clothing and sexy lingerie or swimsuit, the seductive look of Anna Zapala become more emphasized. Many find her more attractive when wearing dark shade lipsticks. Not to mention that she has alluring brown eyes.


Everyone would be amused when The Katies do their fashion hauls and several challenges. This video hauls personalities are known for their beautiful face and body figure. Almost every elegant, stunning dress and other clothing fit them well.


A blonde beauty who is also known as “Stassie Baby.” She is also the best friend of Kylie Jenner, but she is already building her own name. Her stunning figure and very attractive aura give justice to every form-fitting dresses, crop tops, lingerie, or corset tops.


With a very angelic face, Kendra Rowe gained popularity. Besides, her lifestyle and beauty vlogs made her more popular online. She loves doing fashion and bikini try-on, which gained positive feedback from her audience.


Mayer Lil is an Italian model and Youtuber. She has an innocent yet mysterious eye, while her shiny, straight hair suits her delicate skin tone well. She gained her fame because of her sexy hot modeling portraits.


When the topic is about curvy body figure and angelic aura, Julia Burch has these qualities. Apart from being a model, she is also a choreographer and actress. She has a passion for dancing and among the aspiring lingerie and bikini models.


A Canadian model and YouTuber, where most of her try-on videos are about beauty and fashion. She has perfect, sexy lips and loves to try different hair colors, which give her varying yet interesting looks.


Final Thoughts

The next time you will visit YouTube, you already have an idea, which try-on videos are worth your time. Who knows, you can be one of the top videos hauls personalities in the future.

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