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Warden Collins hypnotizes Mavis to stop her escape attempts…but it turns out to help her more than hinder her.

Mavis and August are hamsters who were convicted of a crime they didn’t commit and now must escape hamster prison to prove their innocence.
→ Credits ←
Created by:
Dani Michaeli

Mavis: Julia Prescott
August: Mr. Lawrence
Narrator: Mr. Lawrence
Chief Inspector Poovava: Kyle McCulloch
Warden Collins: Kyle McCulloch
Guard: Kyle McCulloch

Creative Consultant:
Carmela Michaeli

Animation Produced by:
Six Point Harness

Head of Production:
Andy Fiedler

Co Directed By:
John Dusenberry
Brian Kaufman

Nick Butera

Production Coordinator:
Connor Slack

Character Design:
Sah Tantivaranyoo
Angelo Vilar

Storyboard Artists:
Samantha Arnett

Lead: Angelo Vilar
Maddie Sandell

Character Rigging:
Mac Whiting

Animation Services Provided by:
Regh Animation Studios

Edited By:
Ryan Samsam
Tony Christopherson

Title Card Design:
Angelo Vilar

Executives in Charge of Production:
Brendan Burch
Dave Vamos
Melanie Augustyn

Executive Producer:
Birkner Rawlings

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