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Ranbir Kapoor Tells Kat to Move On MOV

The Ranbir Kat Jodi was perhaps the cutest Jodi in Bollywood. sad that it got over and apparently the final gong has been sounded by Ranbir who asked his ex Belle to move on as he had no interest to work out things with her.

The final showdown happened at the Aarti Shetty party and Kat did try to mellow things between them. We wonder what went so wrong between this lovely Jodi that nothing is workable now.

Ranbir is anyway famous for being fickle minded and impulsive in relations and this ain’t the first time he is treating the relation like this.

We really feel sorry for Kat that try as she might she is not able to bring things back to normal. Meanwhile Jagga Jasoos the upcoming Ranbir Kat flick has its own interest quotient in the process.

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