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Boyracer – Walls Come Tumbling Down

In the grand scheme of things recording a Style Council song and making a video may not amount to a whole hill of beans, but in our daily lives, doing something, anything creative, with others, finding solidarity in times of trouble, well, it does help a little. Hopefully, this will remind a few downtrodden souls that we can actually try changing it. We can do what we can, where we are, with what we have, and right now that means getting out to VOTE in the US. Don’t let this midterm election pass you by! Unity is Powerful!

Special thanks to Justin Burch for doing such a super quick editing turn around on the video. And deep heartfelt thanks to all of our amazing friends and contributors. Here they are in order of appearance:
Jennifer Chochinov
Sean & Micah Padilla
Ciera, Jesse, Calvin, and Juniper Cole,
Jen Turrell
Frances Gibson
Jon Manning
The Charltons
Nicola Chapman, Nicola Bell, Gillian, Ged, Birgette, Shaun, and Valentina
Rose Melberg
Matt Hartman
Kevin Brown
David Cano
Vishinna Turner
Andrew DeMarrias
Keith Bittner
Lindsay Huber
Victoria Crow
Paul Gobin
Daniel Littlewood
Martin Trippett
Emery and Nathan Lankford
Hunter Redday
Shelley Staples
Hayley Scott
Staci McDowell
Justin Burch
Mike D/TQR&R
Sophia Gonzalez
Andrew Arthur Jarrett and Jay Jay
Laura Bridge, Mathew Dyke, Lib Adams, Mark Robbins
Alice Hubley
Martin Hastie
Tyler Danner
Julia Barbarino, Daniel Greenwald, and Patricia Magalh√£es
Uli and Olli
Arash Torabi
Amber Fargano
Becky Barron and Frank Jordan
Hazel Sanchez
Audrey Johnson
Matt Hartman
Bruce The Cat
David Cano Villarroel
Vanessa Hays and Justine Warren

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