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Ted Swantko

Ted Swantko

Founder and president
of California Dining Services

Ted started California Dining Services in 1985, and grew the business into one of the largest regional food service management companies in California. By empowering the on site staff with profit sharing, our team goes the extra mile to serve our clients. Ted is responsible for the overall management of California Dining Services.

Brenda Swantko

Brenda Swantko

Vice President

Brenda joined CDS in 1991, and as a CPA she is responsible for accounting and administration. Brenda is highly organized and has guided California Dining Services to a successful and profitable business.

Sherry Smith

Sherry Smith

Office Manager

Sherry manages our corporate office, assisting our clients and managers with day to day issues. Sherry is a CPA, and prepares all operating statements and invoices for our clients.

California Dining Services selects a seasoned manager with prior experience with CDS to manage a new client account.

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